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Founded in 2006, Arcus Real Estate is a company belonging to the Percassi Group specializing in real estate marketing and management projects for luxury retail, outlet and full-price. Each project is conceived to create value in the context in which it is located, becoming a possibility not only of economic growth, but also of territorial beauty.

We have produced content for two outlets belonging to the group: the Torino Outlet Village, and the Sicilia Outlet Village. We also scouted creators for their IG profile, through IG Reels.


For Arcus Real Estate, we have:

  • proposed, produced and edited creative formats for IG Reels contents
  • scouted, managed and briefed creators who made contents from our ideas

As creators, girls from Sicily and Turin were chosen who reflect the brand values and image, with a strong passion for shopping and fashion. The contents already live on the platform have been made with creators without a high base followers, but they were certainly able to realise well-made content.

The videos contain transitions, in order to show different outfits that can be purchased in the various outlets stores, and to highlight the shopping experience of the two creators, displaying the beautiful structure and the different activities that can be carried out within.



The contents made for the two IG profiles of the outlets had excellent results in terms of Engagement Rate and Video Views.

The contents had a positive shift up until +562% of Video Views, higher than the average views of the two profiles.

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