Cosmic for


Services / App
Creators scouting & management
+ 20,4 M
+ 120%
VTR 6'' vs Benchmark
+ 200%
IG ER vs Benchmark


Operating in 11 markets,  Deliveroo is an app that connects customers, restaurants and supermarkets, in less than 30 minutes, through the smartphone, making the shopping experience quick and unforgettable. The app delivers fast deliveries directly via smartphone in about 30 minutes.

Deliveroo has decided to rely on COSMIC for a campaign through creators on TikTok and IG Reels.

The goal was to make Deliveroo be perceived as being able to understand the relationship between the user and good food and the role it plays in our lives. Deliveroo celebrates food, telling the behaviors and rituals that eating arouses in people. Another aim was to reach as many unique paid users as possible, by sponsoring the videos in their profiles of the creators.


To convey the brand message to TikTok users, we involved 10 creators with different base followers sizes. Each of them has created a content respecting the TOV of the two platforms, communicating the brand message.

It was decided to target men and women, aged from 18 to 44 years and who had expressed interest in the theme « Food & Beverage » for the campaign. Using In-Feed Ads and TikTok Ads Manager, we planned and supervised the campaign by distributing the budget among the various creators and among the 10 videos.


With Deliveroo, we had great results:

  • we obtained more than 9 millions of users on TikTok, with +141% as forecasted
  • we +120% on VTR to 6’’, more than market benchmark on TikTok
  • we obtained +200% on engagement rate of the published contents on the IG profiles of the creators

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