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Care Vision

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TikTok Adv Campaign


Care Vision Germany GmbH, part of Clinica Baviera group, is an ophthalmology center specializing in eye laser corrections and lens treatments based in Germany and Austria.

At the end of 2023, Care Vision partnered with our team to fully manage their TikTok channel by making content for German-speaking countries to engage with Gen Z and other relevant audiences.


COSMIC will continue to support Care Vision to spread the brand values & curiosities to ophthalmology to reach the millions of users on TikTok.
For Care Vision, we are:

  • managing video shootings to create native content for the TikTok channel also aligned with the platform’s TOV
  • managed its TikTok channel in its entirety: starting from content publication, up to community management
  • scouted, managed and briefed creators and experts of the field that best fit the brand values
  • set and managed TikTok adv campaigns with wit the aim to increase brand awareness and the community

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