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Aulab è la prima coding factory italiana attiva dal 2014 nell’ambito della formazione e dello sviluppo software. Con i loro corsi formano risorse nell’ambito IT da collocare in aziende alla ricerca di personale. is the first Italian coding factory active since 2014 in the field of software development, they train IT resources to be placed in companies looking for staff.

The goal of the campaign was therefore to reach as many people as possible in target to increase consideration towards the course Hackacademy, bringing traffic to the site and making known the offer dedicated to the community of TikTok. Specifically, the brand wanted to generate at least 25l site clicks  with this campaign.

We scouted creators who could have an audience base in line with the target campaign objectives, a fresh, clear and informative TOV and a compelling storytelling communication.


In the campaign campaign phase, we’ve decided to target both men and women, aged between 25 and 34 years who have expressed an interest towards “tech” ed “educational” topics.

We chose 3 creators:  Luca Sironi (+600K followers), Laura Giovannini (+100K followers) and Fabiana Andreani (circa 165K followers). Each of them made head-spinning content, both as Boosted Content, both as Dark ADV.

Using In-Feed Ads and TikTok Ads Manager, we planned and supervised the campaign by distributing the budget among the various creators and among the 6 video products. By displaying on the “For You” page of TikTok, Aulab ads have seamlessly integrated into the TikTok experience.



We can say that the campaign was a success! In fact, we have:

  • generated almost 4 million impressions
  • generated 1.4 million unique content views (for at least 2 seconds)
  • generated more than 30 thousand site clicks
  • saved 17.5% on the expected CPC
  • reached 32% conversion rate (+7% on benchmarks), referring to people who have navigated the landing page.


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