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Pandora is a Danish company that deals with the production and distribution of jewellery, and that has more than 7k stores and markets its products in more than 100 countries. is mainly known for its bracelets with customisable pendants, each charm is made to tell a story and are created to be worn in unique and inimitable ways.

With Pandora, we brought a content creation project to an employer recruiting campaign on TikTok, which included the design of creative ideas, production and content editing. The objective of the employer recruitment campaign was to find new staff for the holiday months (November, December and January), mostly young people and interested in a part-time job.



The production of the videos included the collaboration of the Pandora store clerks, who, thanks to our guidelines, have communicated the enthusiasm and passion for their work.

The aim of the two produced videos was to push users to click on the link on TikTok videos, in order to make them land on the recruiting application page, showing the dynamic and young work environment of Pandora.


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