Cosmic for

Manolo Bakes

Content Production
TikTok Adv Campaign
Creators scouting & management


Manolo Bakes  is a growing bakery chain in Spain, renowned for its innovative approach to traditional pastries and sweets. They have gained popularity for their “Manolitos,” small, croissant-like pastries, becoming a trendsetter in the Spanish bakery scene.

Manolo Bakes has partnered with COSMIC in 2023 to make content with a native TikTok language to reach Gen Z, in order to increase Engagement and Conversion while being in line with Brand Values.


For Manolo Bakes, we have a strategy based on:

  • Production and editing of creative formats, in order to be recognizable and memorable while using TikTok native language, with a constant posting of 8 contents per month to increase Conversions and Engagement
  • Creators involvement, to optimize the budget and give a lot of focus to the content quality
  • Community management and social listening in order to see how users respond to the content
  • Setting up and optimization of adv campaigns in order to reach users interested in Manolo Bakes in order to obtain always more than 500 impressions and increase engagement on the TikTok profile


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