Cosmic for


Content Production
Creators scouting & management
+ 418%
on Conversion
- 23%
on CPA
+ 846%
on Impression

The Objective

DR SMILE is a leading provider in the aesthetic dental treatment industry. They offer invisible aligners, and they aim to acquire new customers through a TikTok campaign with the concept of “ideal teeth”.

The Solution

For DR SMILE, we:

  • proposed creative ideas perfectly in line with the TOV of the platform, with the aim of showcasing the product and its benefits
  • selected and managed creators who could best embody the personality of the brand
  • produced video to best communicate the brand message and generate conversions

The Results

With our help, DR SMILE achieved great results thanks to the Conversion advertising campaign:

  • +418% conversions compared to objective
  • a saving of 23% on the CPA
  • +846% impressions vs. goal
  • + 297% sessions compared to goal

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