Cosmic for

Clinica Baviera

Services / App
Creators scouting & management
Content Production
Cost per Lead
+ 94%
Lead Objective


Clinica Baviera is a prominent European eye care clinic specialising in refractive surgery and ophthalmology services, with more than 30 years of experience and more than 100 ophthalmology clinics in 4 countries. With a strong reputation for advanced vision correction procedures, it has provided eye care solutions to patients for several decades.

Clinica Baviera has partnered with COSMIC to manage its TikTok profile since 2023 and relied on the COSMIC team for a performance campaign. The interstellar journey will continue also for 2024, now that the channel is full of tips, curiosities and humor about the ophthalmology world.



For Clinica Baviera, we:

  • scout and manage creators from the lifestyle, ophthalmology & humor world that best fit the brand values
  • manage the TikTok channel and taking care of the community
  • propose and produce creative ideas perfectly in line with the platform and brand’s TOV with the aim of generating leads
  • manage the TikTok campaign with a continuous optimization and control over the incoming leads


The campaign in 2023 achieved great results, we:

  •  saved -48,45% in Cost Per Lead vs objective
  • gained +94% on Lead objective

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