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Air Europa is a Spanish airline founded in 1984 that offers more than 130 destinations worldwide.
In 2023, they decided to partner with COSMIC to land on TikTok and test the endless opportunities of the short vertical videos, and it’s still carrying on in 2024 as well!

COSMIC opened the Air Europa TikTok channel to generate brand awareness among the younger generations (Millennials and Gen Z) and enlarge the brand target.
Currently, the channel is improving day by day, providing numerous curiosities with a very native content and an extraordinary engaged community!


COSMIC will continue to support Air Europa to spread the brand values & aviations curiosities to reach the millions of users on TikTok.
For Air Europa, we are:

  • managing video shootings to create native content for the TikTok channel also aligned with the platform’s TOV
  • managed its TikTok  channel in its entirety: starting from content publication, up to community management
  • scouted, managed and briefed creators that best fit the brand values
  • set and managed TikTok ADV campaigns with wit the aim to increase brand awareness and the community

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