Cosmic for

Save the Children

Creators scouting & management
Content Production
TikTok Adv Campaign
Total Video Views


Save the Children is a global humanitarian organisation dedicated to improving the lives of children in need. Through programs focused on education, healthcare, and safety, the organisation works to provide a brighter future for children facing poverty, violence, and adversity worldwide.

The COSMIC team helped the NGO in making a campaign to raise awareness about delicate themes, like war and poverty, on TikTok.




For Save the Children, we:

  • scouted and managed Italian content creators in line with the brand that makes emotional music, like @lestaccanora, who turned the poetry of a Syrian girl into music
  • proposed creative ideas and formats to spread a message of peace and hope on TikTok, in a creative and innovative way
  • managed the adv campaign in order to reach as many people as possible


The results were absolutely brilliant: the Total Video Views were +60M versus our partner expectations! Also, TikTok Top Feed ad positioning was used to push even more the important message.

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