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Kappa is an Italian company operating in the field of sportswear and is part of the Turin-based BasicNet group. It has always been synonymous of performance, the first in Italy to sponsor a football team in 1979. The brand has drawn the line between sport and streetwear, community and team spirit, emerging on the global street style scene representing love for life, people and loyalty.

With this campaign, Kappa wanted to spread positivity and inspire people by telling compelling stories through short vertical videos, creativity and content creators.



For Kappa, we have carried out a content creation project for a campaign from the hashtag #KEEPperforming to celebrate and support success in all its forms.

In order to inspire people through stories of success, we have selected 5 creators, each of which features a winning personal or professional growth path. Each creator has created one or more content, following our creative directions, telling their own story and how they made their dreams come true.



The videos posted on the 5 creators profiles for the campaign Kappa Keep Performing which obtained a 2.5 M reach. In addition, they also obtained an higher engagement rate than +53,5%, more than the average organic one of the platform.

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