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HYPE is the Sella Group’s digital banking and payment solution for the consumer market and the digital enthusiast target clients. Its mission is to create a new model of banking and payment services that simplify the daily management of money through the smartphone. The great interest aroused by Italian customers towards the service has made HYPE one of the most known and used digital services thanks to its simplicity, innovation and ease of management of expenses, purchases and savings.

The aim of the campaign was to push the user to open the Hype account, through creative concepts, while focusing on all the advantages of its digital banking and payment solution: the convenience of the free service compared to the «traditional» ones and HYPE innovation that allows to manage monthly expenses directly from the phone.



With Hype, we have carried out a content creation project for a TikTok for which we proposed creative ideas, produced and edited 6 contents and scouted and managed the selected creators.

To convey this content on the platform, we chose 2 creators who with an ironic TOV told all the financial benefits of Hype in a non-traditional way. It has been very successful thanks to the possibility of getting 5€ bonus by creating the Hype account.


The campaign made a large number of users download the app and create their HYPE account. In addition, non-traditional communication for the financial sector has created a high positive sentiment on the platform, since users have appreciated the campaign.

Besides, in terms of clicks, the results achieved from the contents are part of the «TOP 1%» of the performance obtained in the financial sector on the platform.

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