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Guess is an American brand specialised in the production of clothing and accessories, was founded in 1981 in California by the resourcefulness and genius of the 4 Marciano brothers.

Year after year, the brand is strengthening its sustainability goals and on the occasion of the Earth Day of 2022 has chosen us to advertise on TikTok its collaboration with Treedom.

The goal of this sustainability campaign was to promote the brand sustainable collection, make sure that consumers turn their attention to the theme of sustainability and plant a tree for each item of the ECO collection purchased by consumers.


In the campaign preparation phase, it was decided to target men and women, aged between 13 and 24 years and who had expressed interest in the “Clothing and accessories” topic.

Regarding the scouting of creators, we wanted to focus on medium-big TikTokers, with a strong interest in fashion and sustainability: 16 creators from Italy, the Netherlands and France were involved, each of them creating one of our creativity with a focus on the new sustainable collection of the brand.

Using In-Feed Ads and TikTok Ads Manager, we planned and supervised the campaign by distributing the budget among the various creators and among the 16 produced videos.


Here’s some successful results that we obtained for Guess:

  • reached more than 53 millions of users
  • gained more than 35k followers on TikTok Guess profile
  • saved 7% on average CPC

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