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We’re thrilled to announce that COSMIC has been recognized as the first Italian official TikTok Creative Partner! 

One of the biggest challenges brands are facing on TikTok is to produce native content to boost their presence on the popular entertainment platform. 

COSMIC was born exactly to help brands produce the right content for the right audience.

Thanks to the intuition of the Founder & Managing Director Eliana Salvi, ex-TikTok Brand Partnership Manager, who identified a strong lack on the market.

“Since I joined TikTok as an employee, I realized that there was no player on the market who was actively involved in helping organizations in the use of new languages, especially those related to platforms like TikTok.” says Eliana, “COSMIC was born to solve a specific problem. Me and my partners identified a clear need all brands already expressed while I was working at TikTok: they were, and still are, constantly asking How do I get TikTok right? COSMIC has now the answer. We help organizations with the generation of trend-based creative ideas, with the production of short-form video content and their delivery as ads.”

COSMIC team is completely formed by Gen-Z members and Millennials: we navigate short-content platforms every day and we  perfectly know their language. Our expertise covers every aspect of ideation, production and distribution of a short vertical video content. We’re specialized in riding viral trends, generating the perfect creative ideas for a specific brand, and distributing contents throughout TikTok, organically and paid. 

In addition, we collaborate with international creators, from the smallest one (under 200k followers) to the biggest one (beyond 1M followers). We strongly believe in the potential of micro creators, who can produce native content respecting the tone of voice of the brand.  We scout them, we brief them and we follow the production of their videos step by step in order to deliver the perfect output in line with brand expectations. 

We also deal with the complete management of our brand partners TikTok accounts (such as Vibram, Fielmann, Motivi and Spotify Italy accounts), taking care of the community built around them and thus strengthening the relationship between the brand and their final audience. Our mission, in fact, is to make TikToks, not ads!

TikTok is the natural place where creativity spreads and belongs. It is a platform that encourages self expression and authenticity, and a space where generational gap is overtaken. It promotes inclusivity, with an incredible number of various communities who are the real beating heart of the app. 

We at COSMIC know very well how important it is to keep the native language of the platform even when the message to be conveyed is a commercial one. This is why we offer and are able to create any type of TikTok-style content, such as transitions, ASMRs, stop-motion, special effects, POVs, storytelling contents and so on. 

Read the interview our CEO, Eliana Salvi, released for Blasting Talks about short content industry!



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